Elected Officers, 2014-2015

Amy Dinn (Sylvan Road): acdinn@nullgmail.com
Vice President
Larry Brown (Meadowlawn): larryh7@nullsbcglobal.net
Fred Towersey: FredTowersey@nullgmail.com
Joni Mueller (Sylvan Road): joni@nulljonimueller.com
Directors (Class A, 1-year term)
J.D. Baumgartner (Meadowlawn): johndbaumgartner@nullyahoo.com
Barney Giesen (Meadowlawn): barneygiesen@nullsbcglobal.net
Sally Harris (Lindy Lane): sallyzen@nullhotmail.com
Tim Kirwin (Lindy Lane): tbk38@nullhotmail.com
Laura Manion (Meadowlawn): manion@nullpost.harvard.edu
Directors (Class B, 2-year term)
Judy Berno (MacGregor): judyberno@nullgmail.com
Lawrence Curry (Meadowlawn): curry6734@nullsbcglobal.net
Jeff Klemm (Merry Lane): jeffklemm@nullhotmail.com
Diane Kopfensteiner (Fairfield): diane@nullgandgmodelshop.com
Paul Leggett (Merry Lane): paul_d_leggett@nullhotmail.com
Stephen Palmer (Meadowlawn): spalmer68@nullearthlink.net

Appointed Officers, 2014-2015

Newsletter Editor
Elizabeth Sample: easample@nullgmail.com
Web Master
Joni Mueller (Sylvan Road): joni@nulljonimueller.com

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