Noncontributing Due to Post-1950 Construction Date

1404 North MacGregor Way (Resource Number 0110, Photo 7) was built ca. 1990 at the northwestern corner of North MacGregor Way and Wildwood Way. Built on a lot that was never previously developed, the house is a modern interpretation of the Colonial Revival style that is sensitive in scale, massing, materials, and detail to the …

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Stayton Nunn-Milton McGinty Houses

Stayton Nunn-Milton McGinty Houses at 6715 Park Lane, and 6642, 6658, 6726, and 6733 Wildwood Way (Resource Numbers 0235, 0324, 0332, 0350, and 0354; Photo 15) In March and May 1936, the Houston Post ran articles announcing that the firm of Stayton Nunn-Milton McGinty had designed five houses for the Idylwood building program. Early examples …

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6653 Wildwood Way

6653 Wildwood Way (Resource Number 0328, Photo 14) Swenson, Heidbreder and Bush designed the Vibrex Tile house at 6653 Wildwood Way for builder H. H. Lawler. The house was built in 1937. The house is unique in its form and materials; it contains elements of the Minimal Traditional and International styles. The one-story, two-bay house …

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Meeting Location Has Changed!

Through August 2019

The St. Austin Center will be under construction from now until August 2019. While the building is undergoing renovations, the Civic Club will be meeting at the Magnolia Multi-Service Center (MSC) at 7037 Capitol Street, Houston, Texas 77011. Magnolia MSC is nearby off S. Wayside just east of the Magnolia Transit Center and to the north of Gus Wortham Golf Course.