Newsletter Editor Sought

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Idylwood resident Bill Johnstone on April 12, 2014. As well as being a vital part of the community, Bill was also husband of Wendy Theissen, Idylwood Civic Club President. To Bill’s and Wendy’s families, we extend our heartfelt condolences. Wendy has stepped down as President …

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Changes in Newsletter and Web Site Content

It was announced at the November 2013 General Membership Meeting that from this point forward, due to the hot button nature of the “Botanic Garden versus Gus Wortham Park Golf Course,” there will be no more independent articles or editorials in either the Idylwood Newsletter or on the Idylwood web site. This is to keep …

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Meeting Location Has Changed!

Through August 2019

The St. Austin Center will be under construction from now until August 2019. While the building is undergoing renovations, the Civic Club will be meeting at the Magnolia Multi-Service Center (MSC) at 7037 Capitol Street, Houston, Texas 77011. Magnolia MSC is nearby off S. Wayside just east of the Magnolia Transit Center and to the north of Gus Wortham Golf Course.